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Remember: You do not have to buy 1KG. You can fill up little as you like or much as you like.

Please check with the shop before visiting to see if they have the item in store. Package free shops are always evolving. 

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Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Aduki Beans £3.39

Aduki Beans £3.39

Black eye Beans £2.99

Black Turtle Beans £2.79

Butter Beans £5.39

Mung Beans £3.39

Pinto Beans £2.39

Red Kidney Beans £2.99

Lentils & Peas

Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Brown Lentils £2.49

Chick Peas £3.99

Green Lentils £3.19

Green Split Peas £1.39

Lentils Red Split £2.69

Lentils Black Beluga £5.49

Puy type Lentils £2.69

Yellow Split Peas £1.19

Pop Corn

Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Popcorn Organic £2.99


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Arborio White Rice £3.99

Basmati Rice Brown £3.39

Basmati White Rice £2.97

Brown Rice Short Grain £1.69


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Muesli De Luxe Organic £4.39

Oatmeal pinhead £1.19

Oats Jumbo £1.19

Oats regular £1.19

Nut Butters

Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Salted Peanut Butter £7.99

Cashew Butter £15.99

Plain Chocolate Hazelnut Butter £19.99


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Buckwheat Unroasted Organic £3.29

Bulgar Medium cracked £1.69

Cous Cous White £1.99

Cous Cous Wholemeal £2.49

Cous-Cous Giant £3.99

Freekeh cracked £7.99

Hulled millet £1.99

Organic Quinoa £9.99

Pearl Barley £0.99

Polenta £1.19

Pot barley Flakes £1.19

Quinoa Flakes Organic £6.99

Tricolour Quinoa Organic £7.99


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Linseed / Flaxseed Brown Organic £2.99

Pumpkin Seeds £7.99

Sunflower Seeds £2.39

Tapioca Seed Pearl £2.69

Dried Fruits

Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Banana chips £4.99

Cherries Dried Sweetened Sour £29.99

Chopped Dates Organic £3.99

Coconut Chips Thick Organic £5.99

Dates Deglet Nour Organic £8.49

Desiccated Medium Coconut £4.99

Sliced Dried Sweetened Cranberries £8.99


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Almonds Whole £16.99

Blanched Almonds Whole £15.99

Brazil Nuts Whole £22.99

Cashews Whole £16.99

Hazelnuts Whole £15.99

Peanuts Dry Roasted Salted £5.39

Peanuts Pale Skin £2.99

Peanuts UnSalted Blanched £3.99

Pecan Halves £26.99

Pistachio Raw £43.99

Pistachios Roasted & Salted £22.99

Walnut Halves & Pieces £16.99

Muesli Station

Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Mix & Make Your Own Muesli. £10.99 per kilo of any mixture. 

Banana chips

Bran Flakes

Brazil Nuts

Cashew pieces

Coconut chips


Deluxe Muesli

Desicaated Coconut

Linseed / Flaxseed

Puffed Rice

Pumpkin seeds


Sunflower seeds

Walnut Halves & Pieces