E5 Bakehouse E8 3PH

Remember: You do not have to buy 1KG. You can fill up little as you like or much as you like. 

Please check with the shop before visiting to see if they have the item in store. Package free shops are always evolving. 

020 8525 2890

Opening Times

Monday 7am–7pm

Tuesday 7am–7pm

Wednesday 7am–7pm

Thursday 7am–7pm

Friday 7am–7pm

Saturday 7am–7pm

Sunday 7am–7pm



Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Butter Beans Organic £5.80

Fava Beans British Organic £3.60

Lentils & Peas

Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Peas split yellow Organic British £3.80

chickPeas Organic £3.20

Peas carlin Organic

Peas Green split Organic

Lentils red Organic £5

Fava split Beans British Organic £3.80

Home items & Baking

Item Name  |  Item Price

Cane banneton1 £12 / £15 with liner

Baking tin £14

Banneton brushes £4

Dough scrapper


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Buckwheat Roasted Organic £3

Barley pearl Organic £2.50

Spelt Grain £4

Barley flaked British Organic £3.80

Quinoa Whole Grain Organic british £7.60


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Linseed Brown Whole £5

Sunflower seeds £5

Pumpkin seeds £10.8

Sugar & Salt

Item Name  |  Price For 100g

Sugar Billingtons Organic Golden Caster £4.5

Sea salt Sel fin de guerande £3


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Walnuts £18

Cashews £20


Item Name  |  Price For 100g

Chocolate White £1.60

Chocolate Milk £1.60

Chocolate Vegan £1.60

Oil & Vinegar 

Item Name  |  Price For Litre

Olive Oil Honest Toil £12