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Remember: You do not have to buy 1KG. You can fill up little as you like or much as you like. 

Please check with the shop before visiting to see if they have the item in store. Package free shops are always evolving. 

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Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Broad Beans Fried and Salted £9.00

Chilli broad Beans fried and Salted £9.00

Garlic Sticks Organic £5.00

Rice crackers £7.50

Spicy Chickpeas Organic £5.00

Pop Corn

Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Organic Popcorn £2.50


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Brown Basmati Rice Organic £4.00

Brown Rice Long Grain Organic £3.50

Brown Rice Short Grain Organic £3.50

White Basmati Rice Organic £4.50


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Bran Flakes malted Organic £6.50

Cornflakes Organic £7.00

Oat Bran Organic £2.50

Oat Flakes Organic £2.00

Jumbo OatFlakes Organic £2.00

Superfood Muesli Organic £6.00

Supreme Muesli Organic £6.00


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Quinoa Grain Organic £6.50


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Golden Linseed Organic £3.50

Gourmetseed mix Organic £5.00

Pumpkin seeds Organic £7.50

Sesame seeds Organic £5.00

Sesame Sticks Organic £5.00

Sunflower seeds Organic £3.50

Dried Fruits

Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Goji berries £10.80


Item Name  |  Price For Kilo

Almonds Organic £18.00

Brazilnuts Organic £23.00

Cashew Nuts Organic £25.00

Fruit and Nut mix Organic £10.50

Hazelnuts Organic £30.00

Milk Chocolate Coated Brazil £11.00

Monkey Nuts (Roasted Peanuts) £5.00

Nut mix Organic £14.50

Pine Nuts Organic £40.50

Trail mix Organic £6.00

Walnut halves Organic £16.00