I nearly began crying in my A-Level World Development lesson after watching a documentary on how human consumption is destroying the earth and life itself.

Being educated about all the appalling things we are doing to the planet and not being presented by any real solutions apart from renewable energy left me feeling hopeless.

Still in search of answers, I came home and watched couple more environmental documentaries. This time, at home; in my own privacy I cried and cried — 3 times in 3 different documentaries. The tears arose from the feeling of apology to all the humans and animals whom are suffering due to our unmindful actions.

Luckily, I was exposed to Lauren Singer, who is an amazing advocate of the Zero Waste Movement and she inspired me to do something about the problem we have created.

I just couldn’t sit and watch the world burn.

I discussed this with my good friend (Rishi) and he was very confused about why there aren't any environmentally alternatives for everyday items.

So we questioned things from the ground up. We came to the conclusion that the best way not to damage the earth is to make things that the earth can digest and process. Rather than things that cannot biodegrade like petroleum based plastics.

This question led us on a journey to discover a range of untruthful eco-products. After discovering this, we decided to start our own journey to produce truly eco-friendly, sustainable, beautifully designed and ethical essentials. 

And here we are!

We want to do more than just make beautiful eco-friendly products. So we are going to change how super markets and online stores operate by making a service better than all of them. Hopefully this will inspire other shops to do refills as default.

Pawan Saunya & Rishi Gupta
Co-Founders of Zero Waste Club



We are a team of dreamers, thinkers, innovators and environment saviours. We approach all problems with an open-mind and a strong determination, to create meaningful, simple and beautifully designed products and services.

 Co-founder & Numbers

Co-founder & Numbers

Rishi Gupta

Every great company needs a numbers man. Rishi manages our numbers and keeps them as solid as possible. He helps to keep the structure of the business tight, ensures operations are running smoothly and is in charge of the logistical side of the company.

He enjoys exploring and prototyping new product ideas and he strongly believes in mindful consumption.

Currently, he is studying in the last year of his Natural Sciences degree at UCL.


 Co-founder & Design

Co-founder & Design

Pawan Saunya

Pawan has a soft spot for simplicity and function. He is obsessed with good spacing in design and enjoys pastels colours as of now, but everything changes. We are lucky to have him, as he is heavily involved all aspects of design and order fulfilment.

He is strongly believes all beings feel fear and want to be loved and thus advocates Veganism and spends his time meditating in the mountains.

Currently, deferred going to university to start-up Zero Waste Club.