Body & Skin Care

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Body & Skin Care

Item Name|  Price Per 100g

Bulk Market, E8 4AE  

Shea Butter Organic £2.20

Mango Butter Organic £2.14

Cocoa Butter Organic £3.80

Jojoba Conditioner £1.95

Coconut Shampoo £1.95

Baking Soda £0.79

French Green clay £1.78

Rhassoul clay £1.78

Soaps All Natural: Shea,Oatmeal,Castile olive oil, citrrus, lavender, charcoal £4.95 each

Castile Soap Organic £1.10 each

Deodorant Vegan Natural £8.69

Safety Razor £27.68

Makeup Remover Reusable £13.00

Konrad Sponge £6.50

Roots & Cycles, SE19 3AN

Bicarbonate Soda £0.40

Soap Glycerine £1.39 each

English rose hand soap

Toothpaste refillable

Bamboo toothbrush

Refillable mouthwash
£To Be Decided

Vegan plastic free floss

Eco leaf compostable toilet paper
£4.30/9 rolls


Mother Earths N1 4QY
Shampoo Faith In Nature £4.95 for 400ml

Conditioner Faith In Nature4.95 for 400ml

Shower Gel £5.19 for 400ml

Hand Soap £5.19 for 400ml

Handmade Soap Vegan £1.79 100g

Green clay / Item exists in store, unsure of price