Home Care & Laundry

Remember: You do not have to buy 1KG. You can fill up little as you like or much as you like.


Home Care & Laundry

Item Name  |  Price Per 100g

Bulk Market, E8 4AE  

Washing Up Liquid Citrus Organic £1.06

Laundry Liquid Lavender Organic £1.13

All Purpose Cleaner Organic £0.90

Toilet Scrubbers £6 each

Baking Soda £0.79


E5 Bakehouse, E8 3PH

Cane Banneton £12 / £15 with liner

Baking tin £14.00

Banneton brushes £4.00


Roots & Cycles, SE19 3AN

Laundry liquid

Washing up liquid

Fabric conditioner £2/litre

Toilet cleaner £2.10/litre

Cream cleaner £To Be Decided

All purpose cleaner £2.50

Unbleached parchment paper £3.85

Recycled aluminum foil £2.75

Soap nuts £8 for 240 nuts


Mother Earths N1 4QY

Fabric Conditioner £1.95

Toilet Cleaner £1.95

Washing Liquid £2.25 litre

Bio Laundry liquid £3.35 per litre

Small £1.39 Medium £2.29 Large £3.5