Bamboo Travel Case For Toothbrush

Bamboo Travel Case For Toothbrush

from 7.99

★★★★★  /  3 Customer Reviews

  • 100% Sustainable Bamboo

  • Equipped With Vent Holes 

  • Great Protection For Your Toothbrush

  • Good For Travelling Or Use At Home

  • Beautiful, Simple And Minimalistic Design

  • Anti-Bacterial With A Super Smooth Finish
  • We Plant A Tree For Every Item You Purchase
  • Super Fast Delivery on All Orders


Remember when you found hair on your toothbrush after just throwing it in your bag whilst travelling?

Well those days are now over! Say YES to keeping your toothbrush hairless, clean and hygienic!

We send all our products in Green Jiffy Bags, which have natural fibres as opposed to bubble wrap. Thus, being Super Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste!


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Customer Reviews

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I gave the present to my boyfriend yesterday and he absolutely loved the case and the brush.  He was really over the moon particularly with the holder as he had started looking for one but had only found plastic ones so your on to a winner there.  

I will be putting in an order for our family for Christmas. We are going to get toothbrushes for everyone with there names on. Its going to be my go to for presents for people for….everything!  Fantastic idea! I’m so happy that companies like you exist. 

Keep up the good work.  :) 

Submitted by Kimi O'Neill

Perfect for me so far. Use one for commuting back and forth and one just for holding my spare toothbrush in the bathroom. Really solid, sleek, does a good job.

Submitted by Jessica Roebuck-Slaney

Absolutely loved the toothbrush case, very simple in design which is pleasing to the eye...I will be recommending them to my family and friends.

Submitted by Rachel Feans


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