Soap Nuts / The Natural Way To Do Your Washing

Soap Nuts / The Natural Way To Do Your Washing

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  • 100% Sustainably Harvested Pure Sapindus Mukorossi (Soap Nuts)

  • Leaves No Smell On Your Washing

  • Great For All Fabrics

  • Can Be Used For Wash Temperature Up To 50 Degrees C

  • One Bag Can Be Re-used For 5 Washes

  • Effective at removing soft staines only 

  • We Plant A Tree For Every Item You Purchase
  • Super Fast Delivery on All Orders

Hate the strong smells left on your clothing after using washing detergent? Do you want an eco-friendly but effective way to wash your clothes? Soap nuts are the solution!

We send all our products in Green Jiffy Bags, which have natural fibres as opposed to bubble wrap. Thus, being Super Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste!

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1. There are 4 - 5 soap nuts shell provided in each cotton bag; tie bag securely. 

2. (Optional step) Place the cotton bag into a bowl with warm water for 2 minutes. This helps to release the soap

3. Load laundry into machine, place soaked washbag into the drum of the washing machine with the clothes.

4. The washbag can be re-used up to 5 times.

5. Once re-used 5 times, dispose of the soapnuts in the food compost.