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Just placed an order! I’m already really excited, I found out about this website from watching ECO BOOST’s review on YouTube. She lives in London where there are quite a few bulk shops, I unfortunately do not have any in my area and was so happy to have found this website! I am learning how I can reduce the waste in my house and am hoping my family join in with me. Zero waste is a great life style and this website is a big help for people wanting to reduce their waste!! :).

Erin Crisp / Verified By Purchase / 10/06/2018


What a fantastic source! 

I’ve been so impressed with the Zero Waste Club - what a fantastic source for those hard to find items in bulk (like baking soda!). Amazing that zero waste has been made available for all in the UK.

Grace Sharo / Verified By Purchase / 02/06/2018


Excellent service

I love shopping with the zero waste club their products are great and their customer service is fantastic. Most importantly i am able to buy products plastic free that i cant get else where.

Kirsteen Swan / Verified By Purchase / 30/05/2018


Great products, great prices!

Great website with products that are hard to find without packaging, prices are really reasonable - very happy indeed.

Alex Cunynghame / Verified By Purchase / 18/05/2018


Finally, bulk items and plastic free!!

Fab service, arrived quickly and came in brown paper bags with handwritten info on. I ordered chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and nooch. All are delicious! Will be back definitely

Bethanh Brown / Verified By Purchase / 13/05/2018


Really great company - making my second order :)

I’ve been trying to cut back my waste as home, aling with eating more whole foods and less junk. But buying lots of nuts and seeds etc in supermarkets creates so much plastic waste and I feel awful about it. So this is the perfect find for me. My first order came really well packaged and I was super pleased how good the whole experience was from ordering, to receiving my order. I said I’d definitely order again and here I am :)

Sam Clews / Verified By Purchase / 05/05/2018



Me and my friend ordered a delivery and it arrived when promised. The items were of good quality and there wasn't excessive packaging which is fab

Katie Williams / Verified By Purchase / 04/05/2018


Just what I've been looking for!

I have been trying to reduce my waste for the past two years but found that due to my rural location and my student budget that buying both in bulk and plastic free was really difficult. I have really enjoyed using the zero waste club's website, it's very easy to navigate with all the details I feel I need (e.g. the nutrients in the nooch you sell). I am excited to receive my order as have seen lots of really happy customers online. I'm really impressed by the prices and admire the obvious commitment to reducing waste! Thank you for making it possible for me to reduce my waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle - even on a tight budget.

Phoebe Mallett-Vickers / Verified By Purchase / 02/05/2018



In fact there's no plastic involved isn't enough reason to use the Zero Waste Club the quality of their food should be!
I'm definitely becoming a regular customer!

Lucy Ashley / Verified By Purchase


So glad I found this website!

For a while I had been looking for dry groceries packaged in recyclable/compostable materials in an attempt to avoid as much plastic as possible. There are no plastic-free bulk stores near me so I was quite disheartened until I found this website. So glad they are making plastic-free shopping accessible! The website design makes it so easy to order the products and I was kept updated throughout the entire shipping process - I was texted when my order was despatched which was great. My order arrived in a cardboard box, sealed with paper tape. Each item comes in a paper bag (with the contents handwritten on the outside) so all packaging can be recycled! It is grocery shopping that is simple, convenient, good for the environment and designed by forward-thinking, passionate people. I could not be happier and will definitely be ordering again!!!

Kate Flanagan / Verified By Purchase


What a great find!

Its easy to order, you can pick the amounts you want, it arrives quickly, package is labelled clearly and all packaging is compostable which is just amazing. The products are good and I'm saving the planet, this is my new go-to zero waste shop. I've recommended to friends and family too.

Naomi Andrews / Verified By Purchase




Zerowaste Order

I love Zero Waste Club! They put so much thought and care into every order! From the produce to the packaging, it is as zerowaste as you can go via online delivery! The range of organic goods grows and evolves as time goes by and they listen to suggestions from customers. Very happy to support Rishi and Pawan in their zerowaste business - lots of luck guys!

Nicole Rees / Verified By Purchase



Absolutely Love Zero Waste Club!

I am a ''poor'' student, but I am for sustainability and I LOVE that my food does not come in plastic as I cannot find anywhere to shop that doesn't have plastic on the things I want! I also do not eat meat or diary products and ZERO WASTE has an amazing range of plant based protein products which are great as I am very active. They are also very affordable! Will not stop buying from you guys! Thank you !! x

Chloe Ennis / Verified By Purchase



Support Plastic Free

Zero Waste Club provide an excellent service selling bamboo straws and toothbrushes plus many goods that can be impossible to buy plastic free such as pasta and rice. They also sell gluten free pasta and lots of other bits. Well worth a look and having the knowledge that you are helping to reduce plastic waste

Pam Cummins / Verified By Purchase



Gluten Free Pasta

Such great pasta - it doesn't go hard immediately like most gluten free pastas which is a godsend for lunchtime pack-ups the next day and makes it more sustainable. Fab packaging in paper bags and paper tape.
Nutritional yeast is great - again, packed in paper so I could pour straight into a big jar and compost the packaging. 
Super super friendly and authentic people to buy from. Thanks loves, looking forward to the amazing coffee <3

Cata Parrish / Verified By Purchase




Reliable, amazing products and ran by amazing people.

You can tell that a lot of passion and care has gone into this business. There’s a genuine concern but care for the environment and they’re putting that infront of profit. The world needs more honest and driven people/businesses like this one. Each product has had a lot of research and thought behind it and I 100 percent recommend purchasing the dates. I have been a customer for a few months now and I’m excited to see this business expand and help make a difference in this world.

Melanie Gogarty / Verified By Purchase



An amazing find
I happened upon the Zero Waste Club one evening and decided to place a small order. 
I now try and place an order every month and look forward to it arriving! There's something nice about placing all my seeds and spices and grains into jars and tubs that I haven't used in ages. 

Highly recommend these guys. They're so thankful and grateful for the orders and it all helps towards a zero waste life <3

Katy Fosdike / Verified By Purchase



Great stuff

I found out about Zero Waste Club when I bought a beautiful bamboo toothbrush and spare head from a stall at a fair. I love the toothbrush and I've since ordered some groceries and cashews. Prompt service, really fresh and good quality, all neatly paper-packaged, no trace of plastic. Fabulous initiative and well worth supporting this young start up ethical business

Maria Coates / Verified By Purchase




Great customer service and products

I have become addicted to the banana chips will be ordering again soon. Also really happy with the gluten-free spaghetti, much better than some other brands I have tried. 
Had a slight issue with my order, but the customer service was great! Super impressed by how quickly my questions were answered and resolved. 

This was my first order but will definitely be back for more!

Nicolle Kane / Verified By Purchase



Couldn't be better!!!

Recieved witb a lovely hand written note :) Love that I can recycle all the packaging!! I've been enjoying my banana chips so much, won't be long until I need to stock up on some more. Have also found it difficult to find vegan Muesli and this one is delish! Looking forward to trying some more things in my next order. Thank you Zero Waste Club!

Danielle Folland / Verified By Purchase