PR Internship

We want to spread the news that a good company like us exist! And we really need your help with that!


What will the part-time internship entail?

  • Since we are a start-up, we have 0 marketing budget to spend. So your job will be to get us featured in different publications, somehow for free.

  • Your target is to get us featured in 20 publications / influencers a month. So hopefully, people see our mission and brand out there thanks to you!


This is an unpaid part-time internship. The minimum length you should be with us is 4 months. no set days or hours, long as you get the work done.

internship benefits

  • Learn inside and out of a start-up - get some first hand experience

  • Do the internship from anywhere on earth, from the comfort of your home - research actually suggests it’s more productive to work from home in most cases

  • We will give you the dankest reference if you ever need one!

  • Learn about cool projects such as how we are rescuing offcuts from going to landfill and making new products out of them

Things we like:

  • You live your values that show that you care about the environment. E.g trying your best to lead a Zero Waste / Low Impact lifestyle or have a certain diet to reduce your impact on the planet.

  • You take care of your mental health well.

  • Have some previous experience in PR or is willing to watch hundreds of hours of YouTube videos to learn.


*You do not need a degree or institutionalised University paper to show us what you are capable of - we do not value these. What we value is your passion. Your "why". We simply base your application on three things: 1. Your previous work/experience/projects. 2. Your why. 3. Your ability to keep focused on a task even if it's going to sh*ts.



Starting Date is early January 2019 or later depending on the candidates availability too.

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What happens next?

  • Stage 1: Applications are shortlisted

  • Stage 2: Successful applicants are invited for an interview or over Skype

  • Stage 3: Successful applicant is offered the position