Zero Waste Bamboo Toothbrush

Zero Waste Bamboo Toothbrush


★★★★★  /  13 Customer Reviews

  • 100% Biodegradable & Sustainable Bamboo Handle

  • Vegan

  • BPA & Toxic Free Nylon Bristles

  • Bristles Can Be Easily Recycled Or It Biodegrades Within 30 Years

  • Anti-Bacterial & Super Smooth Finish

  • We Plant A Tree For Every Item You Purchase

  • Super Fast Delivery on All Orders

Zero Waste Bamboo Toothbrush is the perfect FULLY environmentally friendly toothbrush. The handle is biodegradable and the bristles are recyclable or it can be put in a compost bin and it will biodegradable in 30 years. The handles are handcrafted, thus each toothbrush is slightly unique.

We send all our products in Green Jiffy Bags, which have natural fibres as opposed to bubble wrap. Thus, being Super Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste!

Please note that a quantity of 1 represents a single Toothbrush.

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Toothbrushes are very nicely packaged, look and feel very pleasing and come in a great range of colours. Brilliant idea, makes me wonder why on earth I've been using plastic toothbrushes all this time!
Submitted by Josie Fielding

I love my toothbrushes, simple but modern design, & zero waste which is what I was looking for. The bamboo travelling case is great too, although I've not be away yet to test it out. I'm going to be buying some more as zero waste gifts for my family later in the year. I don't think I'll ever return to a none disposable plastic brush again! 
Submitted by Emma Clark

It's a great functional, stylish tooth brush it is beautifully designed and most importantly is a much more eco conscious choice. 
Submitted by Joanne Rudd

I am totally over the moon with my toothbrushes! I absolutely love the design and colours and the fact that they are painted on the ends too! Also they are much longer then other bamboo toothbrushes I have purchased and so much prettier  

Great work guys I will surely be buying some more and I am spreading the word!
Submitted by Louise Stoked

Great tooth brush. Arrived super quickly & in recyclable packaging too. Would definitely order again
Submitted by Rebecca Sowney

I love the toothbrush. It's gentler on the gums than a standard toothbrush but cleans better without being abrasive. The fact that it is biodegradable and kind to nature too makes it all the better. My favourite to date.
Submitted by Chantal

I love the idea of environmentally friendly aware products. Toothbrushes made of bamboo are not only good for the environment but look great and even if I can my name engraved. Great gift idea also. Thank you Zerowasteclub.
Submitted by Kasia Martin 

HI love this toothbrush so much. I've been a firm bamboo toothbrush user for about 8 years now, and this is by far the best. The bristles are the perfect firmness, I love the colours and the fact that you can personalise is an added bonus! Recycling couldn't be easier and the zerowasteclub are a fantastic organisation to do business with. I love buying from people that I know care. I would highly recommend. 
Submitted by Jessica Roebuck-Slaney

These are beautifully crafted and the seller is very kind and easy to communicate with. Also, it shipped very quickly! Thank you :)
Submitted by Izzy Giftsy

Hi. That seemed fast! I love my toothbrush. Thanks
Submitted by Danielle Banks

The brush is soft and a good size. The design is really minimalistic but eye-catching. And the ethos of the company is obviously great! Love that you plant a tree for every brush purchased and it's sustainable.
Submitted by Sara Anittila

I love the toothbrush!
Submitted by Jasmin Glynne

The image of five toothbrushes led us to believe that we were getting five toothbrushes. Our mistake. Only one. Its a great idea. Plastics are a massive environmental problem - not sure why everyone thinks the toothbrush is worse than the rest of it though. Nice to use. 
Submitted by Jono New


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