Coconut Bowl Made From Waste Shells

Coconut Bowl Made From Waste Shells

  • Perfect bowl for cereal and household use

  • Made completely from waste coconut shell

  • Polished with coconut oil - no harmful chemicals what so ever

  • Botton stand is also coconut shell stuck together with natural plant glue

  • Hand made with love in Sri Lanka

  • Approx circumference 35cm and 11cm diameter

*Shade and colour may vary from the images shown due to coconut shell being a totally natural product.

Zero Waste coconut bowl made from waste coconut shell is the perfect FULLY environmentally friendly multi-purpose bowl. Made from waste materials that are by-products of the coconut industry.

We send all our products in Green Jiffy Bags, which have natural fibres as opposed to bubble wrap. Thus, being Super Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste!

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Material the item came to us in: Large cardboard boxes

How we ensured the correct recycling or composting of the received packaging: The boxes had no contamination, so we reuse them for shipping larger orders


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