Reusable Produce Bag Organic Cotton

Reusable Produce Bag Organic Cotton


Hand made ethically and sustainably in Wales.

  • Perfect for shopping loose items such as rice.
  • Extremely strong and sturdy. With a lifetime guarantee. 

  • Hand made in Wales with Organic Cotton. No plastic.

  • Measure 34cm x 28cm. Has successfully fit 2 apples, 5 oranges, 12 medium sized bananas all in one bag. 

They aim to promote a zero waste lifestyle, to eliminate plastic bags and to help protect the environment by helping you do YOUR bit.

The bags are locally sourced and are made of 100% natural undyed calico cotton with a light olive green drawstring. They are lightweight and are great to bring to local farmers markets and supermarkets for fruit and veg, to bakeries for bread and sweets and to bulk shops for nuts or beans as well as to store non-food items. These produce bags can also be used in the freezer for things such as bread and rolls.

Machine washable and air dry is best


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