Fugly Bamboo Spork

Fugly Bamboo Spork

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What’s a Fugly Spork?
Functional but kind of ugly sporks. Basically, some of the sporks didn’t come out as perfect as bamboo is a difficult material to work with. So we have some bamboo sporks that are perfectly functional, however they are missing a teeth on the serrated knife part of the spork or have very small barely noticeable dent.

We really do not want to throw away perfectly fine sporks even though they may look a bit funny. So please help us offset unnecessary waste whilst saving money on your spork!

  • Environmentally Brilliant- It is Sustainably Sourced, 100% Biodegradable and Completely Vegan

  • Perfect for Travel- It weighs only 20g

  • 17 cm long

  • Bamboo has Naturally Anti-Bacterial Properties

  • Extra Smooth Finish - easy to clean

  • Super Fast Delivery

  • Tree Planted for Every Purchase

With this one, easy to use, Spork you can help save on the 50,000,000,000 pieces of single use plastic cutlery thrown away each year. This plastic ends up in our Landfills, Oceans and Wildlife.

Take this easy plastic-free first step...

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