Dates Pitted / 500g

Dates Pitted / 500g



Organic Pitted Dates (The seed has been removed/no rocks) & Sunflower Oil. Organically produced in Tunisia. 

Wheat-free • Does not naturally contain gluten •  Vegan • Dairy-free.


Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Energy 362 calories

Protein 2.4g

Carbohydrates 75.0g of which sugars 63.4g

Fat 0.4g of which saturates Trace

Fibre 6.0g

Sodium 2.0mg

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Material the item came to us in: 5kg's of double walled cardboard with a separate PP thin bag on the inside.

How we ensured the correct recycling or composting of the received packaging: You may have noticed that you received your package in a dates box. We reuse the double walled box. The PP we recycle through our Gomi project.