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Online Plastic Free Groceries

Plastic Free Goods Delivered To Your Door.


So glad I found this website!

"For a while I had been looking for dry groceries packaged in recyclable/compostable materials in an attempt to avoid as much plastic as possible. There are no plastic-free bulk stores near me so I was quite disheartened until I found this website. So glad they are making plastic-free shopping accessible! The website design makes it so easy to order the products and I was kept updated throughout the entire shipping process - I was texted when my order was despatched which was great. My order arrived in a cardboard box, sealed with paper tape. Each item comes in a paper bag (with the contents handwritten on the outside) so all packaging can be recycled! It is grocery shopping that is simple, convenient, good for the environment and designed by forward-thinking, passionate people. I could not be happier and will definitely be ordering again!!!"

- Kate Flanagan / Verified By Purchase

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Organic, Fair Trade & Sustainable

We get all of our produce from Organic and Fair Trade certified wholesalers. We understand that food is far more than bodily sustenance. It is very important that there is no harm to the environment and degradation of the soil due to unsustainable farming methods. We try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible by planting a tree for almost every item we sell. 


DIY Videos to help you minimise waste

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"We are on a mission to make Plastic Free & Organic Goods accessible to everyone"

— Rishi Gupta & Pawan Saunya / Co-founders

Sell Our Plastic Free Creations

Sell Our Plastic Free Creations

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Plastic Free


We are a team of dreamers, thinkers, innovators and environment saviours. We approach all problems with an open-mind and a strong determination, to create meaningful, simple and beautifully designed products and services.