More FAQs given

What packaging do the bulk goods originally come in?

75% of the food comes in super strong 25kg paper sacks. We recycle or compost these when they are all used up. The remaining 25% come packed in plastic such as nuts, since nuts contain oils that do not do well when left for long periods in non-airtight containers. However, we keep the flexible plastic for our new recycling project Gomi and otherwise we recycle it with TerraCycle using their Zero Waste Boxes.

Where do you ship to?

All food items are shipped within the UK, and to Europe at a different shipping rate.
Non-food items are shipped worldwide.


When are food items shipped?

We aim to ship within one working day.


I made a food order and I want to add to my order, how do I do that?

You can make your order through the normal means and send us an e-mail with your order numbers and we will refund the extra shipping cost.


Do you offer internships/work experience?

Yes! Please send visit the careers page.