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Plant your tree

We are rolling out a new grassroots tree-planting programme in partnership with Ufundi, a community venture operating a borderless space for grassroots creativity. The partnership is grounded on our joint commitment to balance environment sustainability with the overall wellbeing of communities on the socioeconomic margins around the world.

This global programme is enabled by Grassroots Foundation, a support vehicle for grassroots projects that advance creative capacity among disenfranchised communities around the world. The current phase of work will focus on three communities in Kenya and Tanzania: Machakos, Nanyuki and Dar es Salaam. Your tree code will trigger a series of events that result in a tree planted in one of the communities. With the support of our ZWC community, we aim to extend tree-planting to more communities around the world.

Submit the tree code you received with your product to activate the process.

Enter your tree code

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The trees

Mango, Neem and Jacaranda are among the 3 species of trees planted through our partnership with a cooperative of wood artisans in Machakos, Kenya. At the nursery, plastic bottles and bags have been reused for drip-feeding the seedlings before and after transplantation.