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So convenient!
"I placed my order on Tuesday, just before the shipping deadline. It arrived on Friday, exactly on time!
The main package is a brown bag with a sort of fibre filling which acts to protect the contents. There's 0 plastic.
The bigger items, raisins for example, are packaged in folded, thick paper bags and the smaller items, like cinnamon, are in a thinner paper bag. They use paper tape so everything can be recycled or composted.
I haven't yet used the food items, but I expect good quality. The cinnamon sure smelt great! I also ordered a toothbrush and it's a good quality construction, with bright pretty colours. 
Whilst placing my order I made a comparison shop online with another shop, basically putting the same weight items in the trolley to see the price difference. 
Zero waste club was 44p cheaper! (Not including the bamboo toothbrush as this is not available at the supermarket). Given the additional environmental saving also, zero waste club is so much better. 
Finally, throughout the experience the founders of the shop remain very active on social media, I recieved both email and text alerts about the dispatch and delivery of my order and even got a reply to comments made on instagram. 10/10 for customer service. 
All in all, great service. Looking forward to the expansion of the range." - Lauren Forbes