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Plastic Free Groceries

Our impact so far in 22 months

14,140 trees planted

Offset 5,000 pieces of single use plastic food wrapping

Off put 10,000 Plastic toothbrushes via our bamboo toothbrush

Off put 45,000 plastic straws through our bamboo straws

We really believe in giving back to the earth that gives so much to us. So we incorporate the cost of planting a tree in each item we sell, so we can, in silence plant trees every time someone beautifully conscious purchases from us.

Where our trees are planted





About The Eden Reforestation

The Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit that plants trees in areas affected by desertification on the behalf of companies and individuals.



The Eden Projects aspire to help impoverished communities by providing jobs replanting trees and rebuilding local economies while protecting the environment.



By the year 2020 they want to be planting a minimum of 100 million trees every year and to employ thousands of people in struggling locations.

While their initial goal was to help people escape poverty, they now focus equally on environmental protection and preservation.