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Plastic Free Groceries


How does it work & when?  

  1. You submit your application below.
  2. We shortlist it and contact you within 2 weeks.
  3. If all good. You can start immediately or later in the year. Working at our office somewhere in London or remotely depending on the job and the days.
  4. Together, we can do some pretty amazing work since we are doing quite cool projects to help Mother Earth and solve this plastic problem.

You can come on as a voluntary intern or ask your university to fund your internship. We are currently not in a position to cover your costs as an intern. We wish we could!


Internship positions:

Electronics Pro
We won £10,000 from the Environment Now programme to build a way to turn flexible plastics(not recycled by councils in the UK) into beautiful products and make them recyclable again. Our first product will be a modular speaker and we got the sound parts sorted out. Now we need your help to get the electronic parts together such as the bluetooth connectivity, the battery and the getting a suitable circuit board. This project may defy the future path on which electronics will go as succeeding will mean that we can show a better way to make electronics out of trash than to use raw materials. Our project name is Gomi. Gomi in Japanese. you can find out more here:

Product Design Pro
You love Dieter Rams too? The minimalism? The simplicity? Hell yea! We do too!. And we are looking for a design intern to literally design new reusable products that are sustainable and beautiful. The problem with current sustainable products is that they look like trash and we need your help to change that. You will literally work on products that will actually be manufactured and be used by thousands of people! Are you excited as we are?! 

Sourcing Pro
We are trying to cut down the price of Organic food by cutting the middle man. So we would like you to help us form a buying club with all the other package free shop friends we have and help us source Organic suppliers at better prices and purchase directly from them. If you love research and have a passionate belief that Organic shouldn't just be for the minority. This is the one for you. You will love it! We wish we had the time to work on this personally. You will also be working on sourcing new products such as finding suppliers for 100% recycled stainless steel lunchboxes.

Community Builder Videographer
You know Trash is for Tossers? Lauren Singer? We would like to make awesome DIY Plastic Free videos like she has on her channel. Quick simple videos are the easiest way to inspire people to make small and large changes. The written word is going out of fashion due to shorter and shorter attention spans. So we need your help to make a Zero Waste Plastic Free community. You will be the leader in our community. It is very essential to build a good loving community where we help each other towards minimising the impact on the environment and on other beings.

Money Maker
We need to make money to keep this company going and do some truly remarkable work. So your task will be getting us new business. You will also help us sell on some weekends in Vegan & Eco-Friendly markets. You must love people and understand human emotion well. We never want to force sell anything to anyone. We are against compulsive consumption. We are simply trying to get our goods across so other alternatives such as plastic straws will not be used and they can use our reusable bamboo straws. If you love to save the world at the same time you make sales. Then this is for you. We plant a tree for every item sold.

Recycling System Developer
We won £10,000 from the Environment Now programme to build a way to turn flexible plastics(not recycled by councils in the UK) into beautiful products and make them recyclable again. We already know how to do, we just need someone passionate to start it up from the ground up. You can find out a little more by visiting If you are fascinated by plastics and want to do something about increasing the recycling rates of currently not recycled plastics, then this is the one for you. You must also love good design since we will be making some beautiful products from this otherwise waste material. The task is not daunting as it sounds since two of us are already working on it. We just need some more brain power.

*You do not need a degree or institutionalised University paper to show us what you are capable of - we do not value these. What we value is your passion. Your "why". We simply base your application on three things: 1. Your previous work/experience/projects. 2. Your why. 3. Your ability to keep concentrated on a task even if it's going to shits. 


Things we like:

  • If you live your values that show that you care about the environment. E.g trying your best to lead a Zero Waste lifestyle or have a certain diet to reduce your impact on the planet.
  • If you meditate. If you take care of your mental health well.


Even if you are unsure as of now. We would recommend to apply. You may never know what great things you will make.


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