Shopping Zero Waste in London, UK 🌟

Quick list on where to buy things Zero Waste in London

Chia seeds - Unpackaged at Planet Organic (N10 3HS)

Peanut Butter - Richmond Wholefoods

Cashew Butter - Richmond Wholefoods

Hazelnut Butter - Richmond Wholefoods

Dark Chocolate - Unpackaged at Planet Organic (N10 3HS)

Cacao Nibs - Unpackaged at Planet Organic (N10 3HS)

Musli (Mix and match your own cereal) - Richmond Wholefoods


This is a working progress. So I will update it as I go along. I'm looking for Zero Waste SeaWeed if anyone has any in mind.

There is a great list by Eco-Boost (Kate Arnell) on where to buy in Bulk in London.

If you want more information about where to get more Zero Waste stuff my phone number is 07401 065966 or send an email to

Pawan Saunya