The Bullsh*t of Biodegradable Plastics

What is biodegradable plastics?
Biodegradable plastics are plastics made renewable resources such as plants and that claim to be biodegradable. So after using, it will not pollute the earth, it will degrade and become part of nature. Apparently.

The Truth about biodegradable plastics

1. Absurd conditions such as temperatures above 50 Celsius needs to be present under the soil for most biodegradable plastics to biodegrade. Which is a very unrealistic condition to meet. 

2. Bioplastics are hard or in most cases cannot be recycled. Thus, not being able to reuse and create new products result in one time use. 

3. A great amount of energy was needed to turn soil into a plant and then that plant into bio-plastics. So it doesn't make any sense what so ever to discard the plastic after single use since it cannot be recycled. 

4. If you throw a cup made of biodegradable plastics into the street side trash bin, it will end up in a black bag and in a land fill, most likely buried underground. There is literally no oxygen or sunlight when trash is buried. So it will not break down! Thus, not being biodegradable.

5. Let's assume it was very easy to grow and even recycle/compost bio-plastics. At our current consumption there simply isn't enough farmland in the world to support our plastic needs if we did move entirely to plant-based material. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful as bio-plastics as of now is very misleading. I hope bio-plastics become a better solution in the future.

Pawan Saunya / CEO /