Zero Waste 🌟 Phone, Is it even possible?

In my opinion Zero Waste Phone means that after the product is consumed, the disposal of this product create no waste what so ever. However, this can’t be true for electronics as it’s made of plastics and rare metals. For example, if the  phone does not go back to the producer to be recycled it will obviously end up in landfill.

Since phones aren't made of organic materials that can just be biodegraded then the best questions to ask are:

1. How to get a phone that can be sent back to the producer to be recycled when it's time is over.

2. How to get a phone that will will last long as possible. Ideally, longer than 5 years.

3. Where the phone is sustainaibly and ethically produced.

4. A phone that can easily be upgraded in the future. Thus, a phone which is modular which means that each part can be replaced in the future and

Well we are in luck since there is a phone called the FairPhone 2. Which meets all of those criteria!

I definitely will be getting a FairPhone 2 when my current phone breaks!

Thanks for reading and hope it was useful to you.

Co-Founder & Lead Designer Pawan Saunya