Zero Waste Club Bamboo Case - Never Find Hair On Your Toothbrush When You Travel

What's wrong with the normal cases?
Normal toothbrush cases are made from petroleum based plastics. Which leaks out chemicals and toxins without you even knowing. Nearly all consumer plastics release these toxins. Furthermore, plastic is not biodegradable and in most cases the plastic case is hard to recycle since it's a cross between two different plastics or materials.

What is our zero waste bamboo toothbrush case?
Our bamboo toothbrush case is made of 100% sustainable bamboo! It should last you a lifetime, if it ever breaks we will replace it for you for free. 

Features of the zero waste bamboo toothbrush:

  • Bamboo case is anti-bacterial and perfect for keeping a toothbrush when travelling
  • Super Duper Light. Only 25 grams. 
  • Super Smooth Finish

What's the goal of the bamboo toothbrush case?
We want to replace all those plastic cases with our bamboo case. So no plastic cases are sent to landfill and does not release any toxins into our water ways or the environment. 

Thanks for reading and have a beautifully balanced and peaceful life.
CEO Pawan Saunya