Vallet / The Vegan Wallet / Upcycled

The Story of the Vallet
We had some unique Kraft Paper material left over from one of our projects. So rather than throwing them out. We decide to handcraft and create a carefully designed wallet.

We call it the Vallet as it is using Vegan leather and it's super eco-friendly. Thus, replacing the W to a V. 

We will only make around 300 of these since we will run out of the material. If the project is successful, we collect wasted bits of the material from other companies and continue to create these beautiful wallet. 

Why is it unique, just like you?
Seamless Minimalistic Design
Super minimalistic design with no visible stitches. Origami like seamless design.

Vegan and Super Eco-friendly
Made out of upcycled kraft paper. Kraft paper feels like leather but is actually made of plants. Thus, completely biodegradable just like paper. This is super long lasting.

5 Year Wear and Lost Cover
If the wallet gets super damaged (e.g during a fire) or you lose it. We will replace it once for £9.95

Engrave Your Name and Phone Number
Customise your wallet by engraving your name on the wallet and engrave phone number on the inside.