How it all began

I nearly started crying in my A-Level World Development lesson. I do not think anyone knew I was very close to tears. The reason I nearly started crying was was all because of a documentary. The documentary was on how human consumption is destroying the earth and the living beings on it.

Being educated about all the appalling things we are doing to the planet and not being presented by any real solutions apart from renewable energy left me feeling hopeless.

Still in search of answers and solutions, I came home and watched couple more environmental documentaries. This time, at home; in my own privacy I cried and cried — 3 times in 3 different documentaries. The tears arose from the feeling of apology to all the humans and animals whom are suffering due to actions.

Luckily, I was exposed to Lauren Singer, whom is an amazing advocate of the Zero Waste movement and she inspired me - to do something about the problem we have created.

I just couldn’t sit and watch the world burn.

So I questioned things from the ground up. I came to the conclusion that the best way not to damage the earth is to make things that the earth can digest and process. Rather than things that cannot biodegrade like petroleum based plastics.

The idea of waste is very recent and has not existed 100 years before.

So I thought, why isn’t there environmentally alternatives for everyday items?
This question led my on a journey to discover a range of untruthful eco products. After a long search, I decided to take a gap year and experiment.

I knew I couldn’t do this alone; so one of my dear friends, Rishi Gupta and I teamed up. He is really good at making things happen. What I mean by this is that if he wants to do something, he does it to the very best. So we decided to team up and register the company as Zero Waste Club LTD.

After months of testing products, we finally I came across something tangible; toothbrushes, wooden toothbrushes! Many that were sold were not aesthetically appealing nor did they go the extra mile in terms of the environment.

It took quite a long time to get enough money and to find the right ethical suppliers who could design the toothbrush the way we wanted it to be.


So we booked the Yoga & Vegan Show and was sure of two alternatives; complete loss or that we might just break even. But to our surprise, people took our toothbrushes positively and they liked what we were trying to do.

From there we went to VeggieWorld London which bought us even more exposure and put us in touch with some beautiful human beings. Now we have booked many other shows that I will be able to attend whilst doing my internship at TerraCycle.

All the money we get from selling these goods goes back to introducing new Zero Waste Biodegradable products. No salary for us yet. But it feels good to know that what we are selling is not going be eaten by a fish and which will cause it’s death or make other beings suffer.

All of this is great but the real problem is habitual unthoughtful consumption. So we just want people to be conscious consumers and to use things and love people, because the opposite never works. Even when buying our products, if you already have something similarly effective as ours; wait till it wears out till purchasing our products.

This is just the beginning of something great.

Rishi GuptaComment