We only use waste materials and super sustainable materials


Our ultimate goal is make products out of waste. So all the money we make currently gets reinvested in R&D in using waste as a primary resource.

Until then, we are only using the most sustainable materials we can get our hands on.

Moso Bamboo
We came across Moso Bamboo. Which is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. At some stages of it’s growth cycle, it grows a meter per day! Now that is mind blowing. So we have opted to making most of our current range out of Moso Bamboo.

Where is the bamboo from?
Miso bamboo is native to China. So our bamboo is hand cut in Ningbo, China ethically and sustainably.

Who cuts the bamboo?
Currently, the company we are collaborating with exploys 6 bamboo cutters; Zhao Deming, Xu Jianguo, Zhang Hui, Wang Lii, Zheng Yu and Lu Jianjun.

Story of Li Jianjun

Li Jianjun is 45 years old, he did not folow through to higher education due to needing to support his family.

However, he has found well paying, consistent work through harvesting bamboo which has allowed him to send his two elder daughters to University!

His youngest son is still in education at High School Level.

Who makes the bamboo products?
Most of our bamboo products are made by our hand picked factory which is also in Ningbo, which means that there is minimum amount of CO2 and pollutants in transportation.

The factory we work with pays the artisans double the minimum wage in NIngbo. Which comes to about £4 per hour. We are very happy to work with a factory that also loves people.

Why aren’t your reusable items Organic Certified or Fair Trade Certified?

The truth is the bamboo grows so fast that it doesn’t need any pesticides to keep away bugs. It is an incredible material. So it is Organic by default.

Fair Trade certification would cost us £5,000 a year or more and we are just two students running this right now. We know that the goods are made ethically and sustainably, and there is a better use of the money at this stage of the business.